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The 2016 edition of Collective Design ends tomorrow, and though our time there has been mostly spent chatting with visitors, press, and neighbors in our own, relatively massive booth, we were sure to put on our press hats and take a lap around to suss out what other gems were on view.

Everything within a home can be replaced, the furniture, the color of the walls, but the view as we know is always fixed and static. Anotherview created a portable window for the nomadic house owner that feels the need to discover different places from their home.

It starts off with a real window with an embedded screen that has a real time 24 hour view of a place in the world. The window is then connected to an app which allows people to change the time of day and even change views after they purchase them from the catalogue.

An oracle-like presence, Li Edelkoorthas advised the design industry with big-picture lectures, books, articles, and exhibitions to wide influence for more than forty years. Her company, Edelkoort Inc., counts three offices worldwide-one each in Paris, New York, and Tokyo-that track the pulse of lifestyle and culture, to economy and social science.

collective design fair, NYC 2014

Steven Learner walks us through Collective 2, Design Fair in New York. Collective is a unique fair in that it focusses solely on collecting design, something strangely missing in the long list of New York City fairs. The combined exhibitions of the Design Academy Eindhoven and Hella Jongerius were welcome as they bring a broader perspective to the whole.


Nosigner is somebody who designs invisible thing without any explicit signature. We met up with him at the London Design festival, and again at the Tokyo Design week for a quick talk about his work and the ideas behind it. should be up in HD now

Okay Studio, under the same roof

OKAY Studio is a collective of individual designers sharing a bit more then a workspace. This will be the first curated exhibition (presented at the London Design Festival 2008) of the group.

Meta launch in Milan speaks with Barber & Osgerby about their pieces for Meta and the concept behind the company. Meta is dedicated to combining exquisite materials with the world's finest artisans to create 21st century design at a quality once seen at the heights of the decorative arts.

Experimenta Design 09: Lapse in Time

YDN Design Guide travels to Lisbon, Portugal for the Experimenta Design Festival 2009. Our first visit there is the Lapse in Time Show curated by Hans Maier-Aichen. Lapse in time highlights several young designers who have chosen to explore something new, on the crossroads of design, thought, science, environmental concerns and cultural exchange.

Social Label with Dick van Hoff

Social Label works with designers and workshops from various social organisations and enterprises to create meaningful products and new opportunities for people who have trouble connecting with the labour market.

Soap clock

This clock uses the hand as a way to reveal the layers of a custom casted soap block. The soap transforms from a solid to a liquid state in the basin of the clock. The latest in the Nacho Carbonell Fleeting Clock series.

Hypnopompic -- Kustaa Saksi

This video takes a look at the process behind producing one of Kustaa Saksi's Hypnopompic rugs at the Textiel Museum in Tilburg. Saksi realised 'Hypnopompic'; a series of eight vivid large-scale tapestries. Hypnopompic means the dreamlike state of consciousness filled with illusions that can occur between waking and sleeping.

Strange Plants and Sculptural Ceramics by Ben Medansky

It's no secret that ceramics and plants are two of the biggest styling trends driving the interiors world right now, but our favorite thing is what happens when the two collide: The planting of jaw-dropping specimens in purpose-built pots has become something of a trend itself lately, from Adam Silverman and Kohei Oda's eccentric potted cacti to David Haskell's psychotic plants to Bari Ziperstein's recent ikebana collaboration with Junzo Mori.

Karimoku new standard

Karimoku new standard collaborates with emerging international designers focussing on high quality craftsmenship combined with contempory design. The products are predominantly made of solid Japanese hardwoods such as maple, chestnut and oak. The collection was presented in a 100 year old aparatment in Milan during the salone di mobile 2012.

Protective Underwear - Julia van Zanten

Julia van Zanten decided to challenge the issue of the stigma related to incontinence, her inspiration, a family member who suddenly decided they didn't feel comfortable going on long walks with her.

“Practical solutions exist in the form of adult diapers, but these do nothing to address the emotional side of this common problem” Julia created a washable textile underwear accompanied by washing elements and a campaign to bring awareness to the subject. The aim: to restore some dignity and a sense of security when leaving the home. Take a look and decide for yourself, is this something you'd rather wear then an adult diaper? 

Update: Julia has gone on to form a company specialising in healthcare + design. Protective underwear is now available under the name Carin Protect.